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Obviously, our childrens activities are meant to be fun for the children and make them happy. But it is also about so much more. They can develop a connection with an animal, increase their confidence, learn responsibility, make new friends, have successes, but also learn to deal with the occasional failure - experiences that some of their parents had when they came riding themselves as children here years ago!


From Pony Pats for very small children to lead rides, pony birthday parties, lessons, pony days and pony camps over several days, we have a lot of different things going on here for children of all ages, see below what's on offer.

Pony Pats


For the Tiny Tots from 2 years onwards!


After introducing your child to one of our ponies, he or she will have a chance to brush the pony, lead him into the riding arena and then sit on the pony.


If they are happy, we have a walk around so they get used to how the pony moves..


The session is normally about 30 minutes and costs £15.




Own a Pony for a Day

Have you always dreamt of having your own pony?

We would like to offer you the chance to experience the fun of looking after and riding your "own" pony for a day.


Our days start at 9.30 am. Whe you arrive, we will show you around the farm and introduce you to "your" pony. We will bring your pony into a stable, where we will show you how to brush him to make him look smart... You even get to put his hoof polish on! After a short break we will show you how to put on his saddle and we either take you out for a gentle ride or, if you would like to learn more, we will take you in the arena  and teach you how to ride in walk, trot and maybe even canter. We have helpers who will walk beside you until you feel happy to ride on your own.


Before lunch, we will show you how to make a tasty net of hay for your pony, make sure he has a bucket of water and a comfy bed to sleep on while we have our lunch (Please bring your own packed supplies).


After lunch, we will put his saddle back on and go for a ride to explore the local countryside or, if you prefer you can stay in the arena and continue to learn how to ride.


When your parents come to pick you up at 4.30 pm you can introduce them to your pony and you can choose a photo to take away to remind you of your day!


Price for full day: £60


This is also available as a 1/2 day experience, either from 10:00 - 12:30 or from 2:00 - 4:30,

the price for this is £40.



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